Called to Serve

When I decided to submit my mission papers, I strategically put them in right before I left on a two and a half week trip to Africa in the hopes that I would come home to a mission call and not be driven crazy by the anticipation of waiting. From what I'd heard, mission calls usually take about two weeks between the time that the application is submitted until the time a mission call comes. Sometimes the wait is shorter and sometimes it's longer. Of course mine took longer! I came home from Africa on the night of Wednesday, July 8th. It wasn't here! I went online to my missionary portal and saw that I could log into my missionary email, which meant that my call had been assigned. So I was expecting it to arrive in the next couple of days ...

Every day around noon I would come home from teaching swim lessons and check the mail, thinking, "It MUST be here today!" And I'd open up the mail box and there'd be nooooo big white envelope in sight. And then I'd wait for another 24 hours, and the same thing would happen. Over and over again. I started to wonder if something had happened and it actually hadn't been assigned or got lost in the mail or SOMETHING ... By the next Wednesday, I had gotten so used to the routine of checking the mailbox and seeing nothing, so it came as a huge, pleasant surprise when I saw a BIG WHITE ENVELOPE in the mail box! It almost seemed too good to be true, but I pulled it out and there it was!

The few hours waiting for all of my family to come home before I opened it were killer, but I think it ended up being a good thing because by the time I got to open my call, I honestly didn't really care where I was called to. I just wanted to know!

So YAKIMA, WASHINGTON it is! August 26th! Today marks three weeks since I got my call, and three weeks until I leave. I was shocked to see that I would be leaving so soon since most of my friends with calls have had to wait at least a few months before they leave. However, I know that it's all in the Lord's timing, and I know that I'm supposed to go at that time. I'm actually realizing that I might have gotten lucky by leaving so soon because it doesn't give me time to be lazy and procrastinate. ;)

Another thing I'm excited about is that the Washington Yakima Mission is a brand, spanking new mission with a new mission president, created from the Kennewick and Vancouver Missions. I'll enter the mission field with the second set of new missionaries in the mission. It's so awesome that I get to be a pioneering missionary in Yakima!

These next few weeks are going to be so crazy and nerve-wracking but I'm so excited to finally begin my journey as a missionary.