Washington - Week 5

Hello everyone! The days are flying by out here. This week we've been contacting lots of potentials! We finally made contact with a lot of people that we haven't seen in awhile, which was good. However, for most of them, it doesn't really seem like they have a true desire to find out if what we're telling them is true. Which STINKS because it could change their lives if they let it! BUT, we do have a few solid potentials. We've just kind of been in limbo because we have a list of people who we think could become investigators, but setting up times to meet with all of them has been a challenge. 

As far as the regulars go ...

"A" is still awesome. He's kind of funny because he LOVES everything about the church and every time we see him he says, "I feel like I missed out on my mission. I would have been the BEST missionary!" And he has tons of "aha" moments, but he's scared to commit to being baptized because he's worried he won't be able to live up to being a Mormon. He puts Mormons on this high pedestal, so we're just trying to get him to see that he can do it! It's kind of funny because a couple weeks ago he introduced us to a couple of his friends who he says "need church." They're super nice though. (Don't worry, Mom, we referred the Spanish sisters to visit the Dad. ;))

We met with "Y" again and I feel like I have a much better understanding of where she's at. She really opened up to us. To refresh you a little bit, her husband is a member and they have a 5 year old daughter who loves going to church. She's been going to church with them and trying to live the commandments because she wants the whole family to be unified in their religion for their daughter. I think that's so cool of her to be doing that because it shows just how much she loves her family. But it's hard for her to be living this lifestyle when she doesn't have a testimony of the doctrine. So we really emphasized how important it is for her to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, because by that she can gain a testimony of the prophets, and of everything else in the Church. I think she understood what we're telling her a little bit more, so hopefully she has the desire to really find out if the Book of Mormon is true.

We have a few other people who we're visiting this week who we think will turn into investigators! We have one referral who just moved from across the river who was on date to be baptized a couple weeks ago, so that will be exciting to work with her. Another lady just married a member of the ward and wants to learn more about the church. From what we've heard, she seems really prepared. We have an appointment set with her for later this week! And the last one is this lady named "P", who has an awesome story ...

"P" lives in a house right by our apartments. We usually don't knock on the doors of the houses near our apartments because they've been tracted so often, but one day when we were walking home we noticed this lady outside who was walking into her house. She waved at us but then kept looking back and staring at us. We thought that was kind of strange, so the next day we went and knocked on her door. She told us that she was babysitting then but she wanted to meet with us the next day! Before we even said anything she was already scheduling an appointment! It was awesome. But when we went back to see her she didn't answer, so we were super sad. We even went back the next day, and she didn't answer. We thought she must not really be interested, but we felt prompted to knock on her door again the next day. This time, she answered, and told us that she's been down because she had kidney stones, and that she still wanted to meet with us! She had met with missionaries before for like a year, but moved and lost contact. When we went back to go see her, she looked super distressed and told us that her husband is in really critical health, and she's worried that he might not make it. She'd been up since 2am worrying. We said a prayer with her and told her a little bit about priesthood blessings, which she seemed interested in. We're going to go back and visit her today to teach her and see if she still wants a blessing! 

It's so incredible to see how the Lord reaches out to His children through other people. I know we were put in "P"'s life at this time for a reason. It's interesting that so many people have no desire to discover if the gospel's true because they don't see that anything's wrong with their lives currently. But then something serious happens, like with "P", and it makes you step back and reconsider everything that's important in life. It's sad that sometimes that's what it takes for people to realize that they NEED Christ.

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. We all have different circumstances, challenges, and personalities, but the gospel is universal. It can replace sorrow, stress, regret, and guilt with peace, understanding, and perspective. If this hasn't happened to you, you need to reevaluate how you can make the gospel a bigger part of your life. Never before has this been more evident to me than now that I'm up close and personal with people who are discovering this for themselves. It's made me more aware of how the gospel's blessed my life.

I'm soooo happy to be out here and to work with these people! The gospel is true and the Lord is hastening His work!

Love you all!

Sister Skousen

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