Week 12 - A Week of Miracles

Hello, everybody! I hope you're all having a happy Monday. I'm going to start off this email with the BEST NEWS EVER! Aldo got baptized!!! I'm soo bummed because my camera's not working on this computer so I'll have to send pictures next week!

It was so great to see him again and to see how far he's come. Even better was seeing all of the members there who had fellowshipped and become great friends with Aldo. It's so important to have members involved in bringing new people into the church because they're the ones who provide support to new converts after baptism. It's so sad how many people are baptized and then go inactive after a few weeks or months in the Church. I could tell that all of the members there have really come to love Aldo. His baptism was the most spiritual baptism I've ever been to. The speakers were amazing and kept their talks really scripture and doctrine based. Usually converts are confirmed the Sunday after they're baptized, but apparently they got permission to do it that day since Sunday was stake conference. Aldo was emotional the whole time. His family hasn't been super supportive so it's been hard for him, but the fact that he's going through with it shows how much his testimony's grown.

One cool miracle that happened at his baptism was that after he was confirmed, the ward mission leader was like, "I feel like deviating from the program a little bit. Aldo, will you get up and share your testimony?" So when he stood up and started speaking, he got this astonished look on his face when he saw this lady sitting in the back. He said, "I can't believe you're here! Thank you so much!" It turns out that this lady was like his second mom growing up. She's been taking lessons from some elders in the stake and both of them had no idea the other was investigating the Church. After the baptism Aldo went up to her and gave her a huge hug and talked to her for a long time. It must mean so much to him to have someone close who he can go through this transition with. We asked the elders afterward about her, and they said she's been investigating for awhile and has just been waiting for some sign before being baptized. Maybe this was her sign! It was so awesome. Aldo was like, "You're next!"

Another miracle that happened was yesterday when we were in the hood tracting. We were about to go knock on this door but we saw this Hispanic guy walk by us who kept glancing over. We went up to him and he got this huge smile on his face when he realized who we were. He didn't speak much English so we communicated with Spanglish and a lot of charades, but what I think he was telling us is that some elders knocked on his door the other day. His girlfriend has a really messed up leg, and they prayed that she would feel better. As soon as they left, her leg was healed! So now he wants to meet with missionaries! It was so awesome, but a bummer because we had to refer the Spanish elders. :( We keep finding tons of awesome Spanish people! Where are the English?!

Stake conference was yesterday and was incredible. My favorite part was the stake president's concluding talk. At the end of his talk, he got really emotional and said, "I am so grateful for our missionaries ..." He went on to say that this past week the missionaries had more lessons in this area than they've ever had before. 21 people are on date to be baptized! That's amazing! I am SO lucky to be apart of this mission. President Lewis is so passionate about the work that is taking place, and it's super exciting being in a mission with such an amazing vision. 

One thing that I've seen this week and that the stake president emphasized in his talk was to pray for miracles. So often we feel like we're not worthy of God providing us with miracles. We don't even ask because we don't think it will happen. I know that God is a god of miracles. He is willing to grant us so much, but often it's conditional upon us asking for it. If we have a worthy cause and the faith that miracles can happen, I know that He will bless us with them.

This week, I invite you to pray for miracles. Be specific. Watch for them. They will come.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


Sister Skousen

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