Daylight Savings

What a week! I don't even know where to begin. Exchanges, Halloween, Daylight Savings Time ... We've been busy! I hope you all had a great Halloween! We had to be home by 6:00, but it was fun watching old Brother Lewis scare the trick or treaters. :) On Halloween night I lived through my first daylight savings time and it sealed my testimony that Arizona is the smartest state because I think turning the clocks back an hour is so dumb! I definitely appreciated the extra hour of sleep, but it gets dark sooo early and it makes people angry when we come to their doors when it's dark. It'll be 6pm and we're knocking doors and they'll be like, "Why are you out so late?!" It's a struggle. 

This week, especially with night time coming so early, we've really had to work on how to make the most of our time. At the very start of my mission when we would tract I would be counting down the minutes until we could do the next thing we planned because I dreaded it so much. But then I heard a quote about how missionaries that are really changed by their missions "don't count time, but make time count." This really helped me change my perspective and made me want to learn to enjoy tracting more. I still don't LOVE it, but I've grown to be a lot more fond of it and work on making those doorstep conversations more meaningful. When you knock on a door you never know what you're going to get! It can be quite entertaining. I've really grown to love talking with different people. 

We're still doing lots of finding and contacting and getting lost, but that's okay. Slowly but surely we're making progress. We're living with members which is super fun. They're an old couple named the Lewises and it's nice to live in a home and have homemade cookies available for us whenever we want. :)

We have a couple people we're working with but no one who's progressing a ton. There are a few people that we've been able to contact who we're hoping we can meet with this week and turn into new investigators. 

The best experience we had this week happened last night, and it was another miracle that strengthened my testimony of the Spirit's guiding influence. At district council this week we all agreed that our main goal should be finding investigators, so we all made it our goal to find two new investigators by the end of the week (Sunday). Sunday came and almost went and we still hadn't found any new investigators. We both felt strongly for some reason to try someone we had in our area book who lived on Utah Street. 

When we got to the house we saw that no one was home, but we decided to knock on the neighbor's door. A girl opened the door and immediately said, "Come on in! It's cold out there." She was super warm and friendly even when she found out who we were. She let us teach her the Restoration and leave a Book of Mormon with her and she agreed to let us come back on Thursday! That never happens! She was the only new investigator we found that night so we didn't meet our goal of two, but we didn't feel too bad about it because we knew that we did everything we could to reach the goal, and because of that, the Spirit led us to that girl's house. I know that if we hadn't have been working hard and doing all that we could, Heavenly Father probably wouldn't have trusted us enough to lead us to that girl. Miracles can happen if you make the time you've been given count. It's something that I'm working on constantly, but I have a testimony of it.

This week it's my challenge to all of you to make the time you have count! We're only given so much time.

Hope you all have a wonderful week as always.

Sister Skousen

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