WA Week 11 - He's in the Details

Hello everyone! What a week it's been! It's been so eventful but productive. On Wednesday we got the chance to go to the temple with our zone. We took a big van down to the Columbia River Temple. It was a pretty much day long trip. We had lots of fun! That temple is SO PRETTY!

We had a lot of success this week. There was one day in particular where we went down to the ghetto part of our area with some awesome members to visit this referral we got from the Spanish elders. He wasn't home, but there was a girl sitting on her front porch right next door. We went over and talked to her and she told us that she had actually met with missionaries before in Everett a few years ago, and was really close to being baptized, but she wasn't willing to give up smoking. She said that now she might be willing to give it up. She really connected with the members that were with us and she gave us her phone number and everything so we can meet with her this week! We were so psyched after that. We always hear about how people in our areas are being prepared to receive the gospel, and we just have to find them. She felt like one of those people! We're so excited about that. Another awesome thing about finding people is that often the person we're meant to see isn't the person we're aiming to see at first. There have been so many times where we go to try a potential, and they might not be home, but there's a neighbor or someone walking down the road who we'll start talking to and who will agree to meet with us. So sometimes even when things don't work out the way we plan, I know Heavenly Father always puts us exactly where we're needed. Sometimes we just have to try and figure out why he sends us to the places he sends us to. But there's always a reason. Just like I always say, He's in the details. It's pretty incredible.

"Behold, will send for many fisherssaith the Lord,and they shall fish them; and after will send fomany hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountainand from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks." -Jeremiah 16:16

Including that girl we found on the porch, we got four new investigators this week! We've been doing really good at getting new investigators lately because we've gotten better at just teaching people the Restoration right on the doorstep. I've come to LOVE going to the ghetto to tract. The people there are so humble and friendly. Rich people are mean.

One of the investigators we've been working with is named Nick, who's in our YSA branch. The missionaries found him a couple of months ago and he is totally converted. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to be baptized because he smokes. A highlight of this past week is that we presented this 15 Step Program to stop smoking in 7 days. That was on Tuesday night. Nick hasn't smoked since then! It's been amazing. We know that Heavenly Father has been a huge part of his success. If everything goes well, he'll be baptized on the 28th! Speaking of baptisms, ALDO'S GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! We're so excited. I'm so lucky to still be in the zone so that I can go to his baptism! It's going to be awesome.

This morning we had a really fun P-Day. In our zone, there's this really cool town called Leavenworth that's a Bavarian-themed village. We went on a hike this morning that was super intense, but was well worth it because the view was BREATHTAKING. Afterward we went and got pumpkin waffles and then walked around the streets. It's super touristy, but it was really neat to visit all of the cool shops. I felt like I was in Frozen! It made me so excited for Christmas!

The Danish blood in me felt right at home.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sister Skousen

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