Washington Week 14 -Training After Training

Another week has come and gone! I GOT MY NEW GREENIE! Her name is Sister Holmes from Tehachapi, California, and she is awesome. Doesn't "Skousen & Holmes" sound so nice together? She's so cheerful and outgoing, which is super nice when we're finding people. She also knows a lot about the gospel. It's going to be an easy training for me. She was a little surprised when we were out walking around in the snow all week. Which reminds me ... our car is still not fixed! We finally got a hold of the people at the shop on Friday and they said that they finally got the OK from the insurance company to order the parts to fix it, so he said it should be done around the middle to the end of the week. It's kind of fun walking ... but frustrating when we walk a few miles for an appointment and then it falls through. That's mission life though ... 

All before the mission people would tell me that you really don't know what mission life is like unless you've been a missionary, and honestly I didn't believe them. But now I know! There's just crazy stuff that happens to you ... Like on Saturday, we had a lesson planned for 7:00 at the church, but we had to get a member to come with us who could also give us a ride over there. We literally asked 10 people, and either they couldn't or they didn't get back to us! We thought we would have to reschedule. Finally, we got someone to come with us a couple hours before the lesson! And then on our way to the church, we got a text from the investigator asking if we could reschedule. *Face palm!*

Luckily, we still had the member with us who could drive us to this referral we had gotten from the Spanish elders. She answered the door and we had a little lesson right there on the porch, and have a follow up appointment scheduled on Friday! You can't make this stuff up. These are the kinds of things the MTC just doesn't train you for. But, it always keeps you on your toes!

Sister Holmes!!!

It was so sad saying goodbye to people being transferred on Wednesday!

On Wednesday after Sister Christensen had left and I was waiting for my trainee, I went with a sister from another area and we drove through these beautiful mountains. 

This week is going to be super exciting! We have Zone Training tomorrow, a Trainer/Trainee meeting on Wednesday, and thenon Saturday, this awesome guy named Nick is getting baptized! He was found by some sisters before I was here, and has been going to church for awhile, but had a smoking problem. A few weeks ago, we gave him this 7 Day Stop Smoking presentation, and he's been clean now for a few weeks! He's so excited to be baptized! It's going to be awesome.

I'm so excited for Christmas! I've just been thinking how lucky I am to get to spend two Christmases on the mission, because people seem so much more welcoming and spiritual this time of year.

Have you all visited the christmas.mormon.org website yet?! It's amazing. The "A Savior Is Born" initiative is such an awesome missionary opportunity! I hope that you'll all think of someone SPECIFIC you can share it with this Christmas season. Before my mission, I felt weird about missionary work with my friends. I just thought they would think it was weird or something ... I don't know. BUT IT'S NOT! People appreciate it when you share something with them that has made you happy. It shows that you want them to be happy! Even if they don't agree with you, you've got nothing to lose!

I hope that you all get a chance to look at that website, and pray about someone who you can share it with. I know that you will get a lot more out of this Christmas season by sharing this message with someone.

I hope that you all feel the Spirit more prominently in your lives this Christmas season.

I love you all!

Sister Skousen

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