Washington Week 16 - WHITE OUT!

I know I say this every time, but it has been such a crazy week! On Tuesday we went down to Quincy to a GORGEOUS home and had a Christmas party with all of the missionaries in the northern zones in the mission. It was nice. We had yummy food, a devotional, and then got to watch "Meet the Mormons." 

Right after we got back from the Christmas party, I got transferred over to Mission Ridge Ward. It's been interesting because Sister Danger has only been out for a couple of weeks. She doesn't really know anybody. We've spent the last week mostly tracking down people in the area book, so we've gotten to talk to a bunch of different people. It's been fun. We have gotten sooooo much snow the past few days. I'm actually wondering if we'll be able to go home from the church because a guy just came in here and said there's like another foot of snow outside in the parking lot. We shall see!

I love the snow but don't like driving in it. Luckily Sister Danger is from Michigan, so she's been teaching me all about how to drive in it.

I am so excited about Christmas this week.

 We're not supposed to proselyte on Christmas Eve or Christmas, so we're just going to be going around to investigators and less actives and bringing them cookies, and then we're going to go Christmas caroling with Sister Christensen and Sister Holmes. On Christmas we also get to skype our families. Christmas morning we're going to have a zone breakfast and white elephant gift exchange, and then we're going to watch a movie that President Lewis is getting to us. It's TOP SECRET so we're all trying to guess what it could be. Star Wars perhaps? ;) I am so excited!

I was SO sad to leave the Castlerock and YSA wards! One thing that was so hard was leaving the members that we lived with. It's so difficult leaving these people and not knowing when I'm going to see them again.

I feel kinda bad because I haven't really taken any pictures from this week with Sister Danger.

I'll take lots this week to make up for it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I'll see you next week!


Sister Skousen

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