Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's crazy that I won't see any of you at all in 2016. Even though we weren't able to proselyte at all on New Year's Eve or New Year's, we actually had a pretty good week. We were able to see a lot of people, especially less actives, and we found a couple investigators.

I know y'all are never going to believe this, but something crazy is actually happening again. 

I've been out for almost 3 transfers, and I've already been in 3 areas ... all of the sister areas in the Wenatchee Zone.
I'm on my 4th companion already.
And things are going to get even crazier!

On Wednesday we were on exchanges, and when I got back Sister Danger told me that she talked with President Lewis who was visiting Wenatchee. Her mom, who's in her eighties, fell and hurt herself really bad. She doesn't really have anyone to take care of her, so Sister Danger's decided to go home to take care of her mom. It was a super difficult decision for her to make. We're not sure when she'll be leaving, but it'll probably be in the next few days. So I'm thinking I'll probably be in a trio with the Eastmont sisters for the rest of the transfer and we'll cover both of our areas. Transfers are next Wednesday, so it won't be too long. Isn't that crazy though?! I swear I'm not chasing all these companions away, I just get stuck in the middle of the weirdest situations. If I ever go through a transfer without anything weird happening, I don't know what I'd do with myself. 

So this is going to be an interesting week!

Does anyone have any cool New Year's resolutions?! One thing I'm trying to work on is becoming a more consecrated missionary. The mission is a strange time when we are COMPLETELY focused on the Lord. It's so weird, but I find that even when my mind's on things other than the work, even things that aren't necessarily bad--like future plans, school, or anything else--I'm not being an effective missionary. It's only when I'm totally focused on missionary work, and serving with my whole heart, might, mind, and strength, that I see miracles. The most valuable thing that I've learned on my mission so far is what it means to truly live the law of consecration. The more I realize what it means to be consecrated, the more I realize how much I need to work on it. 

So that's my goal for the year!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week and do some amazing things in 2016.

Talk to you next week!

-Sister Skousen

We've gotten so much snow here!
This was last week, and this morning we woke up to another foot of snow! 

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