WA Week 25 - My Old Wenatchee Home

Good Monday morning, everyone! It's been a wild week here.

We were able to have interviews with President and Sister Lewis on Tuesday, and it was wonderful. They are the best, most inspired people. Transfers are this Wednesday, and of course, everyone was trying to get a feel from President Lewis about whether or not we would be staying or leaving.

After the interview, I was really feeling that Sister Torman and I would be staying together another transfer with all of the rebuilding efforts we've had going on.

I'll give you a little run down of how transfers go. Transfers take place every six weeks. The Saturdaybefore transfers happen, President Lewis personally calls everyone in the mission who has been called to a leadership position, and then that night when everyone's back home he gives a general voicemail announcing all the leadership assignments in the mission. Then the assistants send the zone a voicemail letting us know what's happening to each individual missionary. So, Saturday before transfers are generally madness. Everyone keeps the phone super close in case President Lewis calls. The past couple times we've gotten a call from President Lewis it's been between about 11-2:00

To make things even more crazy, Sister Torman and I got to drive down to Selah (about 2 hours away) to go to Louie's baptism! Louie is someone I taught in Yakima before he moved down to Selah, but we got permission to go down to his baptism.

Saturday morning we got a text from the Selah elders asking if we would give a talk on the Holy Ghost at his baptism, and even though it was a bit of a short notice we said we would. His baptism was at 7pm, so we left Wenatchee at 3pm with our ward mission leader. We had dinner with his daughter who lives in Yakima, and then went to the baptism. Throughout all of this, we didn't get a call from President Lewis, so I was thinking we were safe and that both of us were probably staying together another transfer.

Lo and behold, it's 7:00 and we're at the stake center waiting for the baptism to begin, and who should walk in? But President and Sister Lewis! So we got to give a talk to the mission president and his wife. I think it went pretty well all things considered.

After the baptism, President Lewis looked at us from across the room and mouthed, "I need to talk to you two." Oh man ... I couldn't believe it was happening.

We went out into the hallway and President Lewis told us that Sister Torman is going to have to hold the fort down in Mission Ridge, because I'm going to be opening a new area three hours south of Wenatchee and TRAINING again! The town that I'm going to be going to is called Sunnyside, and it's 40 miles southeast of Yakima.

It's going to be INSANE! I hope that I get a good, patient, new missionary, because this next transfer is going to be quite the adventure. I'm so sad to be leaving the Wenatchee zone though! Even though I've been in three different areas, I've been in the same valley and have really felt like Wenatchee has become my home. 

We had stake conference last week, and looking around, I realized I knew half of the people in the room because of all the areas I've served in. It's going to be hard leaving it, but I'm ready. President Lewis told me the work is booming in Sunnyside, so I'm excited!

I'm so grateful for all of the people I've been able to meet and grow to love these past six months in Wenatchee. I never knew how much love a heart could hold for so many people.

See you later, Wenatchee. It's been great.

Sunnyside, here I come!

-Sister Skousen

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