WA Week 26 - The Promised Land

Greetings from Sunnyside, Washington!

It's been quite the week.

It was so bittersweet leaving Wenatchee and all the people there. It was pretty surreal.

Two other sisters who I've become super close with, Sister Robalin and Sister Christensen, got transferred with me and all three of us were born and raised in Wenatchee. None of us could believe that we were leaving. We kept talking about how we felt like we were just going to a zone conference or something and then at the end of the day we'd go back home to Wenatchee.

Sister Torman is going to do so great taking over in Mission Ridge!

It was a three hour drive down to Sunnyside. It was a fun little road trip. I got to meet my new greenie down in Yakima. Her name is Sister Mork, and she's from Winchester, Kentucky. She's super hardworking and up for anything. We got an all new apartment, all new area book, and a brand new phone.

After only a few days of being in Sunnyside, I can tell you that I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.

Before I got down here, there were missionaries that had served there that told me it was the best area, that the members are awesome and that the work is booming. I was not disappointed!

That first night we got there we met with our ward mission leader, Brother Anderson, and the elders who used to cover the area that ours split off from. The ward mission leader told us that we're the first English sisters in Sunnyside in 35 years, and that the ward is so excited for us to be here. He said it's the most missionary minded ward that he's ever been in. In the past five years, they've gotten around 60 baptisms!

We were just talking with him out in the lobby of the church building and all these bubbly teenage girls came up to us and told us how excited they were to be there because they want to serve missions. Even in the first couple few hours we were here we felt so much love from everyone.

Then the elders commenced to give us a STACK of teaching records and lists of potential investigators. They had sooo many people for us to see. I was in shock. It all seemed too good to be true.

The next day, we went out walking (because we only have a car every other day) to meet some of these investigators and potentials and I was amazed. We talked to so many people and they were all so nice and receptive. Sunnyside is so prepared!

On Sunday, between us and the elders, we had 14 investigators at church! 14!!!! I'm still in shock. One of those was a lady that we had met outside her house Thursday morning. Insane. I didn't even think that places like this were real.

I'm so excited for this week. We have so many people to see that I don't know how we're going to keep up with all of them. I realize now how hard I had it my first few areas. I love Wenatchee with all my heart, but the work was really hard there. It is so nice to be in a ward where the members are just as into the hastening of the work as we are. This ward is evidence to me of what MIRACLES can take place when the missionaries and the ward work hand in hand.

Sunnyside is MUCH different than Wenatchee. Wenatchee was packed super close together and was always busy. Sunnyside feels kind of like the town in Cars. It's much more slow and easygoing.

It's also 90% Hispanic. Which is fine with me! Hispanics are so friendly and love talking about Jesus. Actually, every single one of our lessons that we've taught so far have been with Hispanics. I'm looking forward to eating a lot of tacos during my stay here, and brushing up on my Español.

We live about 40 miles southeast of Yakima, right at the eastern border of our mission. We can see the Kennewick mission from here. Along with another companionship of sisters that got doubled into Yakima, we're also the first sisters in the Yakima zone. Another tender mercy is that a few of the people I'm serving around I served with in Wenatchee! My district leader, one of my zone leaders, and my sister training leader are all people I know super well, and one of the elders in Sunnyside was in my MTC district, so I don't feel totally uprooted.

And get this ...

Do y'all remember that trip to Africa I took last summer? Well two of the people that went there with me, Matthew and Lezli, live in Yakima, and the zone leaders live in their house. Today we're having a zone P-Day at their house! So I get to see Lezli! So crazy. Such a small world.

Ahhhh .... so in a nutshell, it's been good here. I'm so excited for things to happen in golden Sunnyside.

Hope y'all have an amazing week!

Con cariño,

Hermana Skousen

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