WA Week 29 - The Right Place at the Right Time

Good morning everyone! I hope y'all had another great week wherever you are. We've had another good one. We talked to a lot of interesting people this week.
At the beginning of my mission, I really detested tracting. I was always so self-conscious and felt dumb and would get discouraged when people were mean. Now, I feel like I've really learned to forget myself and not care what people think. It's pretty fun talking with all different kinds of people. This week we've been going all over the place sharing the new #Hallelujah initiative with people. People are so funny. We never know what kind of reactions we're going to get from people. Our funniest experiences were getting serenaded by one guy and getting prayed for by a man on the street that "all that is unclear to us will be made clear." Never a dull moment.
We also had some amazing experiences this week that reminded me that the Lord always guides us to the right place at the right time.
One night this week we were walking down a street and saw a man outside a house heading inside. We called out to him and asked if we could give him a Hallelujah card. He said we could. We started talking with him a little bit, and he seemed a little caught off guard. We came to find out that he has been going through a lot of problems with his family, and actually has a friend in the tri-cities who's a member of the church and has been sharing a lot about the gospel with him and even invited him to church. He said that he's been seeing missionaries everywhere lately --- walking down the street, at the store ... everywhere. That's why he was a little freaked out when we started talking to him. He said that he felt like God was trying to tell him something. We testified to him that we are the Lord's representatives and that we are led by him to whoever He wants to reach. We said a prayer with him and he told us to come back. This experience made me think again about how the Lord is truly in charge of this work. Every little thing lined up exactly right for us to come across this man at the perfect moment.
Another experience we had was with a former investigator last night. We had visited this couple last month right after we came into the area and we got the feeling that they weren't that interested, so we dropped them. Lately, though, their names just kept coming into my head. Yesterday, we felt prompted to give them another try. We went by, and we got a totally different feel from them. They told us that they were looking for a church for their family to be united in. They even asked us about the qualifications for joining our church, and seemed pretty accepting of the commandments, and talked about how they wanted to go to church. This week we're going to go back and start re-teaching them the lessons.
These experiences I know didn't take place because of our actions. So often we think of the Spirit as being our instrument, but it's the other way around. We are His instruments. It's our job to keep ourselves sanctified and worthy to be led by Him.
I'm so grateful for the testimony I was able to strengthen this week that this is the Lord's work, and that "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing."
I know that if we keep ourselves worthy of the Spirit, that He will lead us exactly where we need to be this week.
As always, thanks for reading and I'll talk to you all next week!
Sister Skousen

This is the view of Mt. Adams from Sunnyside. We can also see Mt. Rainier in certain areas.

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