WA Week 32 - Just Another Typical Yakima Transfer

It's a sunny Monday morning in Sunnyside, Washington!

The weather has gotten super warm! It's been in the 80's all week and I'm getting a nice shoe tan that I'm pretty excited about. There are blossoms EVERYWHERE!

So beautiful!

Mt. Rainier
It's been nice getting to talk to so many different people who have been outside enjoying the weather. I have to say though, right after people were telling us that weirdos come out when the weather gets warm, we have met a lot of weirdos.

This has been the last week of this 7 week transfer! It's been a great transfer. I feel like I've become a better missionary and my faith in the work has grown so much. I'm so grateful to be in a ward where the members have the mindset that this is a baptizing area. They expect success, and I've come to discover that having those high expectations gives us a greater sense of urgency for the work, and we see more miracles.

One of my favorite things about the end of the transfer is that it always seems like things we've been working on over the course of the transfer come full circle. This week we were able to meet with people who we've been trying to see for weeks. Our investigator Esther has made a ton of progress quitting smoking, and some less actives we've been visiting came to church! It was such a satisfying week. Most definitely a tender mercy from the Lord!

Yakima Zone!

Once again though, transfer calls were cRaZy!!! I have been wrong on all of my transfer predictions! 

Normally President Lewis and the AP's send us voicemail messages letting us know who's getting transferred, but our phone has a different carrier than the other phones in the mission, so we weren't able to get the voicemails!

We just got a text from our district leader saying, "Sister Mork is being transferred to Terrace Heights to serve with Sister Fabiano." We were so shocked! We were convinced we were staying together. Typically missionaries stay with their trainers for two transfers, but since the start of this mission, because the number of missionaries has been growing so much, President Lewis has had to shuffle a lot of people around. So this will be my 7th companion in the field!

My companion will be this sister named Sister Whitlock. She's actually from Richland and she's just serving a two transfer mission to see if she'll be able to handle an 18 month mission. This will be her second transfer. Last transfer she was with Sister Christensen! It should be really good. From what I hear about her, she works super hard since she doesn't know if this will be all she serves of a mission.

Today our zone is getting together in Yakima for a barbecue and mini golfing. It should be fun! It'll most definitely be an interesting week. 

I hope you all have a great week and I'll talk to you next time!

Sister Skousen

"J-Lo the Food Pit bull"
AKA the member who makes sure we get fed. She calls herself a pit bull because she "doesn't leave until she gets the job done." 

Sunnyside has the best members!

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