WA Week 33 - Sister Whitlock's in the House!

Good morning, everyone. It's been a pretty good week here in Sunnyside. I love transfer weeks. Something about switching everyone around just makes things feel more fresh and new and exciting again.

Last Monday we ended up not going mini golfing with the zone because we found out Sister Mork had to get her finger looked at. We found out she broke her finger pretty bad and it's going to require a pretty intense surgery. We're not happy about it, but we think that she'll be able to just get the surgery done in the field and she won't have to go home to have it done, so that's good!

Transfers were on Wednesday, and I picked up Sister Whitlock from Yakima. She is a fireball!

She had a really tough first area in Yakima, so she was super happy when she got here and we were teaching lessons. Last week I talked about how she's only serving two transfers here in Yakima, so this is her last transfer. I knew that because this is her last transfer, we could definitely see some miracles! And we've already seen some!

The first two days we were out, we would go out knocking and a few people let us right in and we were able to teach them the Restoration. That doesn't happen very often! I told Sister Whitlock, "This isn't that normal, Sister! You're good luck!" It's going to be great.

The most exciting thing that's going to be happening this week is that Brittany's getting baptized! We're pretty excited about it.

Esther has still been trying to quit smoking. She's been doing really well! She has smoked a cigarette about every other day. She's getting there! Hopefully she'll be able to get baptized before Sister Whitlock goes home. 

Well, I guess that's about it for this week! Not as many interesting stories to share, but I figure y'all probably like looking at the pictures better anyway, so here are some more :)

Proof that the mission isn't all skirts and dresses!
Okay! Well, thanks for reading everyone! I hope that you have a wonderful week as always. 
Talk to you next time!

Sister Skousen

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