WA Week 34 - Things are Happening

Good morning, everyone! I hope that you've all had a great day so far. Mine's been interesting. For lunch I ate pig skin from a pig that was slaughtered yesterday. Yummm .... 

It's been such a great week!

I'll start out with the best thing that happened ...

Brittany's baptism!!!
 I had to test the water temperature when we were filling the font.
(This is the closest I'll get to a swimming pool this summer so I had to enjoy myself.)

So much happiness in this picture! Brittany started meeting with missionaries five years ago but never got baptized because she had a phobia of water. But everything lined up just perfectly and she finally was ready to take the plunge. She was really nervous about it but when she got to the church on Saturday she told us her nerves were gone and she woke up that morning at peace. We were crossing our fingers up until the time she actually got baptized that she wouldn't kick the guy that was baptizing her. Everything ended up working out and it was a beautiful, spiritual service.

A couple of other spiritual moments we had this week were the "Doctrine of Christ" meeting that we had at the mission home and interviews with President Lewis. "Doctrine of Christ" is what all missionaries and their trainers go to after their first transfer in the field. It was so great. It's crazy because with all of the teaching and role playing and studying we do of the lessons, I was reminded again just how much I can work on. 

Interviews with P. Lew and Sister Lewis were amazing as well. I love them so much. It's definitely true -- missionaries are called to their mission presidents. I feel like President Lewis just gets me.

We also had a fun experience tracting a part of our area that we hardly ever go to. Our area is mostly flat except for this giant, steep, formidable hill that has a ton of houses on it, but we don't really go there that much because we'd have to walk up the hill, and most of our success was coming from the areas surrounding it. But we've been trying to find more investigators, and so we decided to venture into uncharted territory and take on the Hill. After dinner Tuesday night, the hermanas dropped us off on the top of the hill and we spent the three hours we had left of the night making our way down and knocking doors. It was awesome! Everyone we met was so nice and the first person we talked to turned into a new investigator.

So yeah. It's been a good week. We got to do a lot of exciting things and capped it off with the baptism. We're excited for what this week will bring.
I know I say it all the time, but this work is so real. I thought I'd be leaving the real world coming on my mission but I actually discovered what is real and what is important and where happiness really comes from. It's the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week.

Thanks for reading!

Sister Skousen

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