WA Week 37 - Just Rolling With It

It's been another full week here in Sunnyside, Washington. 
We've had some really hot days ...

and really wet days ...

We got some good community service in ...

This was at the food bank we go to every week. We also helped out a ward member assemble those huge wheeled sprinklers that water alfalfa fields. That was intense.

The best part of the week was going to the temple on Wednesday!

Every time I walk into the temple the Spirit just hits me and I know that the Church is true.

On Saturday, we went up to a neighboring town called Zillah to work a missionary booth at a carnival. The elders up there rented out a booth for us to hand out pass along cards, scriptures, and to show Bible videos. It was a lot of fun! The elders kept track of how many people all of the missionaries talked to, and by the end of the day, I think the number was around 160!

This weekend we also got a call from the mission office for Sister Whitlock. Sister Call at the mission office was like, "Sister Whitlock! There's a big white envelope here for you!" Her mission call! Sister Call drove down to Sunnyside to give it to us. We opened it up and read that Sister Whitlock's been called to serve in the Alabama Birmingham Mission! The kicker is that she's supposed to report to the MTC next Wednesday (the same day as transfers)! President Lewis told us that Sister Whitlock will be released on Friday. I'm not sure what's going to happen with me yet! When he was on the phone with us, Sister Lewis was listening in. She was like, "I'll be your companion!" I thought she was joking at first but now I'm wondering if they were serious.  That would be so fun.

I think I should find out today what's going to happen. We're going to go up to Yakima for P-Day and to get some departure stuff done for Sister Whitlock so we'll get to see President. It's going to be such a crazy week!

On my mission I've definitely had to learn how to be flexible and to welcome change. There are so many missionaries that get stressed out when things don't go exactly the way that they've planned. I've really had to just go with the flow and trust that everything is happening for a reason. Every area and every companion that I've had have taught me so much. I know that the Lord is guiding my mission and that different obstacles have been put in my path so that I can be molded into the person and missionary He knows I can become. If there's one thing that I've learned since being in the mission field, it's that I can do hard things. I'm excited for the changes that are going to be happening!

This week, I hope that if things aren't going the way that you've hoped or planned, just know that it's okay. The sun is still shining, God is still there. By the end of the week it won't matter anyway, and looking back you'll realize that everything turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Skousen

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