WA Week 39 - JUNIOR COMP!!!

Greetings from Moses Lake, Washington!

It feels like forever since I wrote last. The beginning of the week the hermanas and I were so sad saying goodbye to everyone. They also got doubled out of their area, so it was cRaZy packing up all of their stuff at their apartment and then all of my stuff at my apartment.

To top all of that off, on Monday night some branch members fed us super spicy chicharones (sp?) that must have not been super good, because Tuesday morning the hermanas woke up with food poisoning.

Luckily they started feeling a little better by Tuesday night, because the hermanas' branch mission leader had a little farewell for us. He asked us beforehand what each of our favorite desserts are and got them for us.

So yummy.

The good people of Sunnyside.

Wednesday we drove up to Moses Lake, where I met my new companion, Sister Hirsche! (It's pronounced Hershey.) It's a little weird because we play the same sports, like the same things, and have same scriptures and camera case. It was a little weird.

We live in a super nice apartment with two other sisters, which has been super fun. The area has been pretty good so far! Moses Lake has a pretty big Mormon population. I think they say that 1 in 5 people are LDS. The last sisters have worked really hard the past couple of transfers and they've got a lot of really cool investigators. I'm still getting to know everyone and the area. It seems like we've been super busy acquainting me with STL stuff so I feel like we haven't had a lot of time to "missionary" yet, and this week we have a lot of meetings, but I'm hoping we get some good proselyting in!

One thing that has been really nice is that I'm finally JUNIOR COMPANION! I've been senior companion since my first transfer, so it's nice kind of taking a backseat. Sister Hirsche is such a great missionary. She has good desires, is strong in the gospel, and is so good at teaching. Even though I didn't get to stay in Sunnyside like I'd prayed for, I feel like my prayers to have a hardworking companion were definitely answered by being with Sister Hirsche.

I'm still adjusting a lot but I feel like it's going to be a great transfer, and I'm especially looking forward to working with all of the sisters in the area.

I hope you all have a great week, and remember,

The Church is true, the Book is blue. God loves me and He loves you too!

Sister Skousen

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