WA Week 42 - Locked in a Tower

Once upon a time, there were two sister missionaries that lived in a magical land called Moses Lake.

One morning while playing soccer, an elder kicked a soccer ball in one of the sisters' face, giving her a concussion.

The sisters wanted to work, but the mission nurse told them that this sister had to stay inside, in a dark room, for several days. She couldn't listen to music, look at a screen, or even think. It was a dark and dreary time indeed.


No, I'm not the sister who got the concussion. It was Sister Hirsche. :(

It's been a very interesting week.

She got injured last Monday, but we went about doing our P-Day activities, and then she still had a super bad headache so we stayed home. We stayed in pretty much all week except for part of Tuesday when Sister Hirsche tried to be tough but we ended up having to go in, District Council on Wednesday, and then an STL meeting we had down in Yakima on Thursday.

The STL meeting was super fun! I loved being able to talk with all the other sisters and was able to get a much better understanding of my responsibilities as an STL.

 After that, our mission nurse told us Sister Hirsche couldn't leave the apartment until church on Sunday

Since Sister Hirsche hasn't even been allowed to think, I've been flying solo planning and pretty much doing everything. Luckily, we live with two other awesome sisters ...

... who have gone on mini exchanges with me to lessons that we've had set.

One of the best lessons of the week was when we met with this awesome investigator named Alex. Alex is this amazing man who found the #Hallelujah website the church put out at Easter time and referred himself to the missionaries. He's super religious and has been really excited about the Book of Mormon but is still looking for his answer. We met with him on Friday and asked a member named Brother Waites to come with us to his lesson a few days before. Brother Waites didn't text us back until a couple hours before the lesson but told us he could come. At the end of the lesson with Alex, Alex said, "I know God is answering my prayers because I had prayed that Brother Waites would come with you today, and he came!" It was such a cool little miracle. We're super excited about Alex!

Other than that, I've been keeping busy updating the area book, cleaning, reading scriptures, watching The DistrictMeet the Mormons, and My Forever Family (yeah, I was kinda desperate).

I've felt a lot like Rapunzel (hence the fairytale theme of this email.) #2ndfloorprobs

I'm hoping this week will be a little bit more productive. We've got three exchanges we have to go on this week so I'm really praying Sister Hirsche will be able to function.

In all of my down time, I've been able to think a lot. I've finished reading the Book of Mormon again, and the last few chapters of Moroni blew my mind. I think Moroni 7 could maybe my new favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon.

Moroni 7:24 says: "All things which are good cometh of Christ; otherwise men were fallen, and there could no good thing come unto them." I thought a lot about this and about how every single good thing comes from Christ. Our motivation to do good comes from the light of Christ. Without His Atonement, we wouldn't feel that. There would be no good in the world. We would be so lost. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon, and for how it's helped me recognize and understand and feel the Atonement in my life.

I hope that this week you all will take the time to recognize all those good things in your lives, and realize that it's all because of Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Skousen

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