WA Week 44 - Happy birthday, America ... Happy birthday, WYM!

Today, I feel grateful to be from the USA. I'm so lucky to be able to serve a mission in the greatest country in the world.

This morning we were invited by a member of the stake presidency to have breakfast at his house. We sang patriotic hymns and said goodbye to Elder Haymond and Elder Spackman, who are going home today!

I also saw this car! These people know what they're doing.

 This week was also exciting because it was the Washington Yakima Mission's first birthday! 

I can't believe it's already been a year. It has been so much fun being a part of a pioneering group of missionaries in this mission. We've been able to create our own vision and mission culture and seen miracles happen as the work rolled forth. The Lord's hand is definitely over this part of His vineyard.

We also went on four exchanges this week! They were so much fun. I left the area for three of those.

My first exchange was with Sister Parry, who served with me in Sunnyside! 

The next one was with Hermana Juarez in Ephrata. Ephrata is the cutest town. It kind of reminds me of Sunnyside. I got to bear my testimony and read some scriptures in Spanish, so that was fun!

And then on Saturday I got to go with my MTC companion, Sister Averett! It was crazy reminiscing about the MTC and working in the mission field together. We have both grown so much. It was cool to see. My favorite part of that exchange was that we did something called a "power hour." We called a member that morning and asked her if we could come by around 2:30 to try something with her. When we went over we told her that we were going to read some scriptures with her. We read some scriptures about how we need to fast and pray for the work, and that the Lord answers our prayers according to our faith. We asked her if we could combine our faith with hers, and told her that we would say a prayer with her, and then she would tell us where we needed to go for the next hour. We said the prayer, and she told us that she had the impression that we needed to go to Judith Street. We told her we would go there and talk to as many people as we could in the next hour, and then come back and follow up with her on how it went.

When we got in the car to go to Judith Street, Sister Averett told me something interesting. She said that two transfers ago she and her companion read a talk about how we can pray for angels to prepare people to receive the gospel. She and her companion felt the prompting to pray for angels to prepare people on Judith Street. For four weeks, they would pray every day for Judith Street, and then they went there and not a single person was willing to talk to them, so she thought it was interesting that this member would have the impression that we should go there. But we went there anyway, and we ended up talking to a member who was depressed and who really needed to see us, found a man who said we could come back, and then talked to a guy who was about to shut the door on us but when I said I was from Prescott, Arizona, he came outside and talked to us for like 20 minutes. It was so cool to see the change in people from the time that the missionaries talked to them a couple months ago to now. It definitely showed me that the Lord prepares people in his time. Just because we might have tracted an area doesn't mean we're done there.

It was also amazing being able to work with the members and share with them the miracles of missionary work. I'm definitely going to be doing "power hours" more in my area!

On Saturday, we also got transfer calls!

I'm going to be staying here in Moses, and Sister Hirsche's getting released to train a new missionary up in my old area, Mission Ridge! My new companion will be Sister Rasmussen. I've heard great things about her, so I'm really excited. I'll let you know next week how things go.

I hope that you all have an amazing 4th of July!

Sister Skousen

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