WA Week 46 - M&Ms

 Hey everyone! I hope y'all have been having another great week.
It's been GREAT here. The weather's been gorgeous, and we've had lots of good things happening.

For one thing-- remember that lady I talked about last week who said she wanted to be baptized? She's on date for August 6th! We asked her how she was able to get her answer and she said that she was at Mount St. Helens and reading the Book of Mormon and she just knew. She came to church on Sunday and things have been great.

It's been fun showing Sister Rasmussen around Moses Lake. Moses Lake is a fun place. This week we saw a lot of interesting things. Here are just a few ...

Is this a sign?
I love being able to see all the classy decorating ideas at the houses we visit. #whoneedspinterest
This was the manual to our new DVD player. (Please read the whole thing.)
My favorite thing that happened this past week happened last night! Last week I talked about the focus our mission's been having on M&Ms (members and missionaries ;) ). We have seen so many miracles from doing it just this week!

Last night we visited this awesome member family, the Chivers, and had a lesson with them. They told us about the Garcia family a few doors down that they want to share the gospel with. Right after that lesson, we visited another member family, the Rippys, who live around the corner. We were following up with them on who they'd prayed about that they could share the gospel with. They told us about how their 9-year-old daughter took our challenge to heart, and fasted and prayed about who she could send the missionaries to. Her friend, Marielle, came to mind, and she said that she could envision us visiting her family. The cool thing about this is that Marielle was from the same family that the Chivers told us about a few minutes earlier! We told the Rippys that we were going to try by the Garcias and then come back and tell them how it went. When we went by, the parents were outside. We told them that the Rippys and Chivers sent us to share a video with them. I think they were a little weary of us at first, but they let us in and opened up a lot when we told them who sent us and after we showed them the video. We talked to the mom about her faith in Jesus Christ, and about how we have that in common with her. She was so closed off when we first met her but after talking with her a few minutes she actually agreed to have us come back on Friday

Everything about that experience was perfect. I know that it was the simple faith of that 9-year-old that softened the Garcias' hearts, and the good examples of the Rippy and Chivers families that opened them up to listening to us. If we had just knocked on their door tracting, I know that they wouldn't have let us in and especially wouldn't have let us come back. This experience was a testimony to me of how important it is to work with members. We're strangers to Moses Lake, and we have no idea who's ready for the gospel and who's not. But the people that live here DO know, so it's so much easier to work with the members than to knock every door in town trying to find them.

I'm excited to see more miracles from working with members this week.

I'll talk to you next week!

Sister Skousen

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