WA Week 47 - A Work in Progress

Happy Monday afternoon, everyone! It's been a good week here in Moses Lake.

I'm gonna start out with a story.

We live with two other sisters, and on Tuesday night we got home and saw that they weren't home yet, so we decided to have some fun.

We parked around the corner of the apartment so the hermanas wouldn't know that we were home. Then we left all the lights off and hid in the bathtub of the bathroom. We thought one of them would probably have to use the bathroom when they got home. We waited for twenty minutes before we heard them come home. Our hearts were pounding so hard.

But then, the sisters didn't end up going to the bathroom. They started planning! Stinking obedient missionaries.

We waited in the bathroom for another half hour, and then we started getting impatient, so we started banging on the walls to try and lure them in. Sister Rasmussen made these crazy cat noises that I didn't know any human could make. (They're in the video that I attached.) After a few minutes, it was completely quiet.

Sister Rasmussen was like, "Sister Skousen, I think they're gone!" And I was like, "Nahhhh they probably know it's us and they're hiding so they can scare us."

We waited a few more minutes, and still nothing happened. We finally decided to go out and investigate. We looked under all the beds and in the closets and we couldn't find them anywhere. Then we started freaking out because we were nervous that they left and called the cops or something.

We called them and were like, "Sisters, where are you?!" And they said, "We're at the elders' apartment! Do you know that there's a stranger in our apartment?"

Then I said, "Are you sure it's not just Sister Rasmussen?" Then they hung up and came back. It was sooo funny. So much better then we had planned.

When they left, they took a picture of Christ and a Title of Liberty for protection.

This week we also got to rescue a dog for a recent convert.

And on Wednesday we had a super MLC with some people from the missionary department in Salt Lake City. It was so good and a bit mind blowing. They gave us soo many ideas about tons of different aspects of missionary work. It was a little bit crazy because there are so many different things we could improve but I know it's not going to happen all at once, so right now we're just trying to figure out how we can slowly start applying the different principles we were taught. It's a work in progress, but what isn't, right? Life is a work in progress.

Our focus with member missionary work is starting to pay off. Some previous missionaries ruined a lot of member trust a few months ago, so we've been trying to build that back up, and we're starting to see some awesome things happening! There was a lady in the ward that texted us and told us she had a friend that had agreed to meet with missionaries, so on Fridayat the ward's Pioneer Day celebration we met her and set up a time to meet with her. I felt like passing out. We've also been getting other solid referrals and the members have been volunteering to help us. It's been so great seeing how far the ward has come since I first got here two months ago.

And get this --- our golden investigator Dori is going to be getting baptized THIS WEEKEND! We're going to be meeting with her every day this week to get her ready. It's going to be a busy, busy week. But busy is good!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week! See you next time.

Sister Skousen

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