WA Week 49 - Moses Lake is On Fire

Literally. Things are better now, but it's been so smoky!

On Tuesday, we went to MLC, and it was sooo good as always. We talked a lot about proper Preach My Gospel planning. When the missionary department trainers came a couple weeks ago, they told us that if we're ever struggling finding people or helping them progress, it's because we're not planning right. Ouch!

When we go down to Yakima for MLCs, we drive down with a couple companionships of zone leaders. My zone leaders are Elder King and Elder Roe, so naturally we ate at King's Row on the way back from Yakima. Not a great move! I think I ended up getting food poisoning from there, so I was sick the next morning. It was a super inconvenient day to get sick on because we had a mini missionary (a 16-year-old young woman) that was supposed to come out with us. I stayed in most of the day and we went on a mini exchange with the hermanas so that Sister Rasmussen could still go out with the mini missionary. I was all good by the end of the night though, and good enough to give a training at ZTM the next day!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was ...

We got to borrow the elders' bikes! Woooo! I've always wanted to ride bikes on my mission.

One of my favorite things that happened this past week happened on Saturday night.

We had some time left before we were supposed to go in, and we had gone by everyone that we wanted to see, so we decided to go through our ward directory and track down some less actives. We randomly picked a family who lived nearby, and when we knocked on her door, she said, "Oh my gosh! You're from the LDS church? We haven't had anyone from the church come by in 10 years!" She let us in, and told us about how she hadn't been to church in 10 years and no one from the church had stopped by in all that time. She got a couple letters from visiting teachers, but that was it. It turns out that she had gotten offended and stopped going, but the wound was made deeper because she felt like no one cared enough to reach out to her. She has a 10 year old granddaughter that lives with her, and we said, "Would it be okay if we came back and taught Katarina the lessons?" The lady's face lit up and she was just like, "Really?! We would love that!" Right before we left their house, I remembered I had a little knit heart in my bag, and I gave it to Katarina. The lady was crying when we left. It was such an incredible experience and my heart felt like melting.

Morals of the story?
1. DO YOUR HOME AND VISITING TEACHING! Seriously. My testimony of home teaching and visiting teaching has grown times a thousand since I've been on my mission. There ARE SO MANY PEOPLE who would be at church if everyone did their home teaching and visiting teaching. Scratch that. The second coming would have probably happened already if everyone did their home and visiting teaching.
2. Sometimes the Spirit is guiding us and we don't even know it. Sometimes we find out afterwards, but I'm sure there are so many times the Lord is using us and we don't even realize it. It's important to be doing the things that we're supposed to be doing so that we have the capacity to be led.

I know that the Lord puts us exactly where we're supposed to be to bring about His work. I hope you all realize this and do some good this week! Thanks for reading!

Sister Skousen

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