WA Week 56 - The Motherland

Hey everyone! I'm just gonna cut to the chase about transfer news - I'm being transferred to the heart of Yakima to serve in the Randall Park Ward and YSA.

I'm super sad to leave Moses Lake 2nd Ward. We have worked so hard here and there's so many people I love.

Marie! Marie's been telling everyone that she's going to get baptized, so we just have to set a date with her and then I'll get to come back to Moses for it!

The Smiths! These are the members we live with.

On the other hand, I am super excited to go back to Yakima! I looooove Yakima. ALSO, Sunnyside was part of the Yakima Zone and I'm going to be able to go on exchanges with the Sunnyside sisters. Wooo!

My companion is going to be Sister Michalek. We kinda look alike so President Lewis always gets us confused. That should be fun.

Our biggest miracle of the week happened on Wednesday night!

Do you remember me talking about Diego and Ashley? If not, I'll paste what I wrote about them last time ...
-Diego & Ashley: This is crazy, because they were doing super good. We had an awesome lesson with them on Wednesday and they were telling us how they felt like reading the Book of Mormon has opened their minds a lot. They had been super nervous about coming to church before, but they agreed to come to a church tour on Saturday, and maybe to church on Sunday. We weren't being pushy or anything. But while we were there, Ashley's grandparents showed up and were kind of listening in on our lesson. The day before our church tour, Diego texted us this long message about how their "journey meeting with the missionaries has come to an end," and about how they were going to continue reading the Book of Mormon but not meeting with us. It was super crazy because they had been having us over for dinner and wanting to meet with us like every day. We think something happened. We're going to try going to their house this week to talk to them.

Well, last week we went by and they weren't home, but they have Vivint and so Diego texted us and said something like, "Not to sound creepy or anything, but I saw you two came by on our video camera and it made my day! I miss you both so much. Come by anytime!"

So Wednesday night we went by and Diego opened the door and looked kind of shocked. We started talking to him a little bit and he told us that they stopped meeting with us because Ashley didn't want to be pushed. But apparently when we stopped meeting with them, Diego stopped reading and praying and exercising and said that he's felt terrible. Right before we showed up, Diego prayed and asked God for help and asked for us to come back. Then he opened up the Book of Mormon app on his phone and right then, we knocked on his door.

He was so shaken from that and told us that he knows that what we're telling him is true, and that he wants to meet with us again! Ashley still doesn't seem super excited about it but she is supporting Diego and is trying to be open.

That miracle was a fantastic way to end the week.

I am so grateful for all of the amazing experiences I've been able to have in Moses Lake but I'm pumped for this next transfer.

I hope that you all have an amazing week and I'll talk to you next week from Yakima!

Sister Skousen

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