WA Week 55 - What's Good and True

Hey everyone! I hope you've had a great week!
I started out my week with zone conference, which was super good as always.

Sister Rasmussen and I gave a training on working with members! I think it went pretty well.

("ML" For Moses Lake)

My favorite thing that happened at zone conference was when we were role playing door approaches.

The zone leaders that were doing the demonstration role play knocked into a guy that said he believed all churches were good (which is sooo common and drives me crazy), and the elder asked, "What's the difference between good and true?" Such a good question!

Even though there are good things about all religions, it doesn't mean they're true. Truth is a knowledge of things as they really are. If we really want to know why we're here and what God expects us to do, we need to seek the truth.

The highlight of my week involves a member named Bianca.

Bianca has had a lot of problems with her family lately, and she's been the peacemaker amid all the conflict. She hasn't gone to church in years, but in April she decided to start studying the scriptures and praying again. She became a lot closer to Heavenly Father after doing that, but she realized that she would always be missing something unless she started going back to church. So the past couple of months she's been coming to church.

A couple weeks ago we were visiting with her and she asked us if she would be able to come out and visit people with us. We were super excited about that because we always love it when people volunteer to come out with us.

She came out with us to a few lessons and testified of the Book of Mormon and how it's changed her life the past few months. Her testimonies were always the most powerful and spiritual parts of the lessons. It was a great day, but we didn't really think much of it.

Bianca has come out with us A TON this week, and she told us that she talked to the Bishop about going to the temple. We asked her what has made her change so suddenly, and she said that it was coming out with us. Before that she didn't really know that the church was true. She knew that the scriptures and going to church made her feel good, but she didn't know for sure that everything was true.

That first day when she came out with us, we testified to a lady who didn't know what was going to happen when she died, and Bianca realized after hearing our testimonies and sharing her own, that she DID know that the church was true.

Hearing that from Bianca is one of the most fulfilling things that's happened on my mission. Bianca is on fire, and has come out with us to a bunch of lessons this week, has been fellowshipping our investigators, and introduced us to one of her friends who we're going to start teaching. Missionary work is amazing! If you ever need a spiritual boost, go out and do some missionary work!

So it's been a pretty wonderful week! To top it all off, Katarina came to church and made it through all three hours! Whooo! Prayers work! Marie also came to church for all three hours.

Hopefully this week proves to have more progress. This Saturday's transfer calls so I find out if I'm staying in Moses Lake or going somewhere else. Eeeeeek ... Stay tuned for the news next week!

Sister Skousen

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