WA Week 58 - "We're gonna hit the pavement, my friend."

I can't say this very often when I write so I'm going to say it now ... Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Our P-Day was moved to today because it was our temple day! We only get to go to the temple every six months so it was super special.

This week has been craaazzzy. So much has happened that I can't believe it all happened since I last wrote. We were super busy.

On Monday, for P-Day we went on a hike through Yakima.
 It's so weird being back in Yakima zone with completely different missionaries. I've been seeing some people that I saw when I was in Sunnyside and it's so weird because I feel like Sunnyside just happened and my time in Moses Lake was like a short dream. Why is time so weird?!

This past week was our big meeting week of the month. We had MLC, zone leadership meetings, and zone training meeting! 

And then guess what happened on Saturday ...
I have never seen someone so excited to be baptized before. The spirit was so strong and her grandma, Debbie, was in tears the whole time. It was so much fun going back to Moses again.

This past week Sister Michalek and I have been talking a lot about our goals for this transfer. We only have a few transfers left and so we really want to be the best missionaries that we can be before we go home. 

There's these missionary training DVDs that the church makes called The District that's basically a missionary documentary. At the end of The District 2, Elder Bott says something like, 

"When I get a new companion and he asks me what we're going to do this transfer. I'm gonna tell him, 'We're gonna hit the pavement my friend. We're gonna find, we're gonna teach, and we're gonna baptize.'"

I've always loved that line and Sister Michalek and I decided that that's going to be our motto for the transfer. We've already seen some cool things happen. Like yesterday we met the most GOLDEN YSA investigator named Maggie, who we put on date to be baptized for November 5th!

I'm looking forward to seeing many more miracles like that this transfer, and the rest of my mission.

Thanks for reading, and I'll talk to you all next week!

Sister Skousen

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