WA Week 64 - Take a Leap of Faith

Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a great Monday. It's been a great week for me!
On Monday, Courtney (our recent convert in YSA) brought her friend named Cheyenne to FHE. We taught the Restoration right there and put her on date to be baptized on December 17th! Courtney texted us later in the week and told us that Cheyenne has been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized sooner. Woooo! I wish that all members had as much fire as recent converts do. Honestly, the fear members have of doing missionary work is 100% SATAN. There's nothing offensive or awkward or relationship-ruining about asking friends to meet with missionaries. If you do it out of love, you won't have to worry about offending them. The worst they can say is no.

We don't have a ton of other investigators, but the two we've worked with a lot this week have been doing amazing. 

We've been meeting with this guy named Richard, who is honestly seeking for the truth. It's refreshing teaching someone who understands how this could bless his life if it's true and who is doing whatever he can to get an answer. This week we had an amazing time watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with him. After the lesson, we asked him if he believed Joseph Smith was a prophet. He said, "Yes. I don't know how anyone could have gone through what he went through and not be." So that was awesome! The only thing holding Richard back is that he's having trouble understanding the Book of Mormon, so this week we're going to focus on reading the Book of Mormon with him.

The other main investigator we have is named Lexy. She's dating a member in our ward and has been going to church for a few months now. She's basically a dry Mormon. She's almost finished with the Book of Mormon. She feels good about everything, but is really wanting to be 100% certain that this is true before she commits. Last week we committed her to pray about a baptism date, so we'll see what happens this week!

The highlight of this week was that MARIE GOT BAPTIZED! YAYYYYYYY! I love driving back to old areas for baptisms. This was the view as we drove over the Columbia River ...

It was so good to see Marie and Sister Rasmussen again. 
I love them!

This is Bianca! I talked a little about her back when I was in Moses Lake.

We drove up with Courtney. She was taught by both Sister Smith and Sister Rasmussen before she was baptized.

On Sunday I had to give a talk in YSA. I've decided to talk about something that I've been thinking a lot about ... faith. 

I think sometimes we feel like our faith is strongest when we're feeling the Spirit, and when we aren't feeling the Spirit, we feel like our faith is weak and that we're doing something wrong. But that isn't true! Sometimes we may go for a long period of time without feeling the Spirit, but when we take a leap of faith and do what we're supposed to anyways, we're exercising a huge amount of faith. Faith is a principle of action. I've seen so many times that if we act in faith even if we aren't feeling like it, we can receive so much power and blessings!

Hopefully you can keep this in mind if you're feeling down or feeling like your faith is week. Just keep hanging in there!

I love you all and hope you all have the best Thanksgiving ever!

Sister Skousen

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