WA Week 66 - The Season of M I R A C L E S

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I know that a lot of missionaries say that the holidays are hard, but I seriously love the holidays as a missionary. The work is so much more fun.

This week I got to do a lot of Christmasy things. We've been allllllllll over the Light the World initiative and telling everyone about it. The Yakima Stake had an incredible live nativity musical that we invited everyone to and got to usher for a couple of times. We had a ton of non-members there. AND we had some awesome members bring us a real Christmas tree!

This week was also our big meetings week! We had MLC, some zone leadership meetings, and zone training meeting. 

One hard thing that happened this week was that Sister Michalek was pretty sick, so we didn't get as much done as we wanted to. :( As you can see in this next picture she was pretty out of it hahaha.

Luckily she's feeling a lot better now and hopefully we'll do some good work this week.

Richard and Lexy are both kind of in the same place as they were last week. They're both doing everything members would do... keeping the commandments, reading, praying, going to church ... They're just waiting for their answers that the Book of Mormon's true. 

Richard's just struggling understanding the language of the Book of Mormon. He says that he feels good when he reads it, he just doesn't understand it. We've been trying to help him see that we don't have to understand everything. That good feeling is the most important thing, because God wouldn't let us feel the Spirit if we were reading something that was bad.

Lexy on the other hand is a very analytical person, and even though she feels pretty good about everything in the church she feels like she has to be completely sure and understand everything before she commits to joining. I think that once Lexy commits, she will be all in.

Prayers to help them get the answers they're looking for would be much appreciated! They're both so sincere, and I know that as long as they continue doing what they're doing they're going to get their answers.

December 2nd marked 1 year since the time that Sister Holmes came to me fresh from the MTC! So awesome that we get to be serving in the same ward again and living together one year later. I'm still praying that we get to be companions again!

A couple of other cool things that happened this week ---

On Saturday night we got a call from the elders about this YSA-aged girl that has been trying to get in touch with the missionaries. She didn't know how to contact anyone so she just wrote a note and stuck it under a rock at the church. It turns out that she's this 18 year old girl that just moved from Ohio all by herself because of a bad situation. She was baptized awhile ago but went less active because she had a lot of unanswered questions. She's been wanting a fresh start out here in Washington and decided that she wants to start over and try the Church again. We're going to be meeting with her this week to help her answer some of her questions! We're pretty excited about.

We've also been doing this 21-day challenge with some members in Randall Park. The challenge is to come up with names of people that they want to share the gospel with and for 21 days to pray for them by name morning and night, as well as to read certain scriptures every day. By the end of the 21 days, we promised them that at least one of the people they prayed for would be prepared to receive missionary discussions.

One of the members that we did this with finished her 21 days, and decided to invite one of the friends that she'd been praying for to the Live Nativity. She ended up coming, and the member took her on a tour of the church. She LOVED the Nativity, and afterwards told the member, "I have a lot of questions." The member told her that she could help answer them but that there were missionaries who could answer them better. She said that she was open to meeting with missionaries! SO AWESOME! Unfortunately, her friend lives in another ward, so we won't be teaching her. :( But seriously, how cool? There's this quote I LOVE that I think all of you should remember.

This is a promise from Elder Neil L. Anderson, an apostle of the Lord:

 "I promise you, as you pray to know with whom to speak, names and faces will come into your mind. Words to speak will be given in the very moment you need them. Opportunities will open to you. Faith will overcome doubt, and the Lord will bless you with your very own miracles."

And Christmas time is THE time for miracles..

I hope you all have a great week and experience miracles! They are real!

Sister Skousen

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