Good morning, everyone! I hope that you've all had a great week.
This week was the coldest week of my mission. It got down to 2 degrees on Saturday.

We've been feeling like bag ladies walking around all layered up, but we don't even care because it's so cold.

It has been A BLAST serving with Sister Christensen again!

- 2015 -
- 2016 -
Sister Christensen and I served together when we were only a transfer old, and she's one of my favorite companions. When I got the call that we were serving together I was in shock! It's not very common for companions to serve with each other again.

Being together again has rekindled the "greenie fire" in both of us. We both have a huge desire to get a ton of work done and to become the best missionaries we can become. I almost wonder if we were together our second transfer to prepare us for these last transfers of being together, when we're at our peaks. We both feel like the renewed greenie fire coupled with the skills and wisdom we've developed over the year will lead to some amazing things. I feel like we're going to see miracles happen this transfer. 

It's also been fun being doubled into the Ahtanum Creek ward. I love doubling in, because both companions are on the same foot figuring out everything that's happening in the area and getting to know everyone.

The Ahtanum Creek ward is amazing! All the members we've met so far have been so incredible and so missionary-minded. The ward is really strong and there are a lot of families, but the missionary work has been slow. We don't have any solid investigators right now. The ward really wants to fix that. Hopefully the freshness of sister missionaries will help things get going, not because I think we're better than the elders but I think that there are definitely people that are influenced more by elders and people that are influenced more by sisters. Hopefully we'll be able to find people who are willing to listen to us that haven't been willing to listen before.

This last week leading up to Christmas, I hope amid the chaos of family get togethers and last minute Christmas shopping, you'll all remember the One who gave us the greatest ever given. We have nothing to give back that will ever repay the debt. He's given us our families, our talents, and every breath we breathe. The only thing we can give Him that He doesn't already have is our hearts. I hope that you'll all resolve to more fully give Him your heart as a gift this Christmas.

I love you all and hope you have the merriest of Christmases!

Sister Skousen

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