WA Week 71 - We Met the Three Nephites

Hello, everyone! As always, I hope that you've all had a great week and have great things planned for this week.
Last week was pretty eventful. It was the one week out of the month where we have a ton of meetings to go to.

Tuesday was MLC, and Sister Christensen and I got to give a training on Using Time Effectively. 

Awhile ago, another missionary told me that it's important that we aren't focused on using time efficiently, but effectively. The dictionary definition for "efficient" has something to do with using the least amount of effort possible to get results. I think this is the mindset of a lot of missionaries because it's the easier way. It's our natural instinct to want to do the least amount of work possible. Sister C. and I talked about how we need to switch that efficient mindset to a mindset of effectiveness-- focusing on getting the most results possible even if we have to put in more effort. It was cool being able to give a training on that because it helped remind us that we need to constantly be evaluating whether we're being effective or just going through the motions.

I also learned a lot about humility this week. Sister Christensen and I have been out for awhile now. I feel like with all these months of experience and learning, and a stronger desire than ever to work hard and baptize people, we're at our peaks. However, we haven't seen a ton of tangible fruits yet in our area. We've seen some cool things happen for sure, but we don't have a ton of amazing investigators or people lining up at the font. I spent a lot of time in my studies at the beginning of the week evaluating myself and trying to figure out where I was lacking that was preventing us from seeing more success. But then I realized later in the week that the work really has nothing to do with me. I had a good reminder that this isn't my work, that God will cause to happen what needs to happen and if I'm doing my part and doing all I can do, it will all be according to His plan. It was a humble reminder that the "success" I might see as a missionary has nothing to do with me or my skills at all. It's Heavenly Father that's preparing these people and the Spirit that's converting them. With that in mind this week, I'm going to keep a better perspective and just focus on doing all I can do.

This week was soooooo cold. Everyone's saying it's the harshest winter Yakima's seen in awhile. Definitely colder than last year! The temperature stayed between 0-20 degrees and windy during the week. People thought we were insane knocking on their doors! On the bright side, a few people let us in that probably wouldn't have if it wasn't so cold.

Over the weekend we got another good foot and a half of snow, and our car was struggling. We got stuck on Saturday at someone's house, and three super nice Hispanic men (strong suspicions they were the Three Nephites) helped push us out. On Sunday our ward cancelled church after the first hour because the weather was so bad, and our car could barely make it home, so we walked for the rest of the night.

It was actually super fun walking. Sister Christensen fell three times.

Here's some videos from our snowy adventures last night. I really hope these links are working!

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