WA Week 76 - Walking, Knocking, & Talking

Helloooo everyone! Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! They made my day. I can't believe how old everyone has gotten! (I mean the kids.) :)

 It weirds me out sooooo much that I'm 21. Gross. Gross. Gross. I do NOT fell like I've been around that long, but I guess it is what it is.

It's been another good week! The beginning of the week started out with another snow storm.

Usually snow storms make missionary work more difficult, but this past one gave us a lot of great opportunities! There were some snow shovels at the church, so Sister Heffernan and I decided to take the shovels and just walk around town shoveling random people's driveways. Everyone was so grateful, and it was cool that people recognized us as the missionaries they see walking around town even when we weren't wearing our usual skirts & dresses.

We met one lady named Lori who was shoveling the sidewalk outside her house. We started helping her and she talked to us about how she almost became Mormon once. She said that she loves how wholesome and family-oriented Mormons are. And then it was funny because she was like, "The one problem I have with Mormons is that they have multiple wives." We quickly explained to her that we aren't polygamists, and she was like, "Oh really? Well, I really need to learn more because I have a lot of questions. Do you guys baptize? Can you come back sometime and answer some questions?" Ummmm ... yeah! We're going back to see her tomorrow. It's been cool to see on my mission that while sometimes we are led to people who need us, often Heavenly Father leads them right to us. If we hadn't stopped and started helped her, we would have passed her by!

Later that day, we tracted into a woman named Karen who let us right in and we taught her the Restoration. She said that she has been looking for more meaning in life. She has a lot of health problems and she said that the only thing that's causing her to fight for her life right now is her stubbornness. She's looking for a more meaningful reason to live. We're going back to see her on Wednesday!

We've also been trying to be more creative in our finding. We've been trying out different doorstep approaches -- asking people if we can teach them how to hold a Family Home Evening, inviting people to learn about family history, asking people if we can show them the Restoration video, etc. We've also contacted the stake public relations person and asked her about getting an article published in the local newspaper about missionaries in Wenatchee. She was doubtful that we'd be able to get anything published but she said she would ask. Well, we got a call from her this week and she told us that she talked to a guy from the newspaper, and he said that he had actually been wanting to write an article about people from out of town that came to Wenatchee for service, and at the top of list of people to write about is Mormon missionaries! What are the odds?! So we might be in a newspaper article soon. We'll see!

My philosophy for missionary work is that if we do everything we possibly can within our power, Heavenly Father will make things happen. We can't make Him do things, but because He loves us, He'll usually bless us with miracles. It's been a cool thing to experience.

One of the best things that happened this week was that the sun came out!

I forgot how much I love the sun. The weekend we've enjoyed 40-something degree weather and it's been wonderful! People have been happier, missionaries have been happier, and everything has been happier. I am so ready for spring!

I'm hoping for a week of wonderful weather and more miracles!

I hope you all have the same.

Sister Skousen

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