WA Week 78 - The Gospel Changes People

The weeks are flying by. I feel like I just wrote! This week has been full of more walking and talking.

We've found two solid investigators so far through all the tracting we've been doing. One's this lady named Karen who's a bit older. She started reading the Book of Mormon on her own and was confused about the language and who all the people were. She's never even read the Bible before so she's not used to reading scriptures. We read it with her this week and it was incredible! We helped her understand how she can apply the scriptures to her own life. She's excited to continue reading the Book of Mormon. We have a lesson with her on Wednesday! Hopefully we see some progress there.

The other investigator we found is named Samantha! She's a young mom who has been going through some difficult things lately. She's kind of familiar with the church. She grew up in Malaysia and remembers missionaries coming and teaching her when she was little, and then when she moved to the United States she went to Girls Camp as a teenager. It's cool seeing how little positive experiences with the church help open people's hearts to hearing the gospel.

We also have a few more potentials that we're hopeful about. It's crazy because most of my areas have started out where we had few or no investigators. However, in my other areas, we at least had potentials and other people we could work with. Here, there were really no potentials, so we had to start from scratch. I'm grateful for it though because even though it would have been nice to teach a ton of lessons and baptize people my last transfer, I wouldn't have had to put in as much effort. I feel like this way, I'm really having to give every last ounce of energy I have to the work. Hopefully we'll see some more miracles happen from all the effort we're putting in!

On Wednesday we had zone conference!

It was all about faith and repentance. It's amazing how many times you can hear about simple principles like those and still learn something new every time. My understanding of faith and repentance is so much deeper than it was before I came on my mission. It's not only grown because I've been teaching it to others, but I've had to apply those principles every day in my own life.

I've had to constantly rely on the power of faith to guide me and cause things to happen in my missionary work, and I've had to constantly rely on the power of repentance to change myself so that I can access more of God's power in my life and in the work. It's been an incredible process of learning, being humbled, and becoming stronger. As I've gone through that process I feel like I've been coming closer and closer to the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. It's a beautiful thing. It's another testament to me of the power and truthfulness of the gospel. It really does change people, and I can testify to that!

I hope that you'll be able to ponder that this week. Ponder how the gospel's changed you, and if you feel like it hasn't, identify how you can live the gospel more so you can access that changing power.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Skousen

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